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Environmental-friendly home lighting solar solution. It is especially designed for areas where there are frequent power cuts or areas where electricity is notate all available. Before understand DC solar system, it is very important to understand what is DC or direct current. There are two types of electric current- Alternating current or AC and direct current or DC. An electric power house produces AC. The supply coming from power station to your house is AC.

The appliances at home like TV, fan, light are normally AC. The electricity created by sun and the power stored in battery is DC. You will be surprised to find out that if you install DC power system rather than the AC power used in your house, then you can save around on electricity as compared to AC.Not only this but if you run DC appliances from the battery that you were using to run the AC appliances in your house, then you will get three times more backup from the battery. You don’t believe it? But this is true. To know the benefits of using DC power and disadvantages of using AC power, we will have to understand the waveform.

As we saw,AC means alternating current which means current and voltage keeps changing directions. So the waveform of AC supply in one cycle will alternate from positive to negative. DC means direct current which means current and voltage are flowing in the same direction. The waveform of DC supply never flows in the negative direction which means that DC supply has renewable energy systems Nebraska minimum loses so that DC appliances consume less power as compared to AC appliances. For example. let’s assume that we want to compare a inches DC fan and a inch AC fan. To calculate the power consumption of both these appliances, there is a simple formula.

If we want to calculate the consumption of DC fan, so we will put V as V in the formula because we are getting V DC from the battery and DC fan consumes around . A current. So according to the formula, P=X. = W. Now if we calculate the power consumption of AC fan, we will put the value of V as V because we are getting V from mains and Ac fan consumes around .A current from mains. Then according to the formula.