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From day one you’ll like the speed of a fast tracks for cold storage door its safe operation it’s tight seal and its remarkable ability to withstand warehouse environment but on day ¬†and every day after that you’ll keep enjoying the biggest advantage of fast tracks FR over conventional freezer doors its long-term cost savings the thermal air seal on a far door is the tightest on the market it’s engineered to save energy an insulated barrier-between the freezer and the door trucks minimizes drafts the doors exclusiveness max curtain has a consistent-value from top to bottom it’s durable enough to last yet flexible enough to create a tight seal as a result fast-tracks for practically eliminates frost around the edges of the door frost on the face of the door plus water on the floor from melting or condensation problem that not only wastes energy but have.

The potential to Fiberglass Doors cause injuries fast tracks door sets the pace with a lightning fast cycle time from open to closed people and products move in and out faster and the door stays closed longer that means better energy conservation increased productivity and even more money saved the exclusive traction drive system provides all his speed with fewer moving parts hatless repair cost less downtime and more savings fast tracks for will make a big impacts on your bottom line next time somebody has a collision with a door collisions mean expensive repairs for an ordinary door plus hours days of costly downtime fast tracks breaks safely away on impact and the soft curtain contains no rigid parts plus the doors drive mechanism.

Engineered to automatically reset itself every time it opens it’s back in operation in seconds that’s a tremendous saving both in repair costs and in downtime safety is also a source of savings with fast tracks for the soft edge closes gently minimizing the chance of personal injury or product damage the exclusive virtual vision system is designed for doors without vision panels it uses motion sensors and LED lights to alert-personnel to people objects or equipment moving on the opposite side of a door fast tracks for has plenty of options when it comes to installing the door travels straight up straight out or can be custom fit for your application without increasing the installation cost want another sign of savings to look to right Heights solid service and support network a global team of sales service I.