They’re very disappointed Peterbilt 379 cab with their purchase sole’s go through this crazy ordeal here and see what I got so I’m going to go look at an ad right now on transmissions because that’s what I’m looking for and as you can see there are many different t transmissions that seem to be painted many different colors this one looks like it’s painted some sort of gray color these down here lookalike they’re blue when there’s a natural color lots of different transmissions different prices all over the place so Stumbled across this eBay ad it says Borg won a Trireme Mustang world-class t transmission rebuilt and looking.

At the ad here you can see transmission looks painted looks fairly clean but notice that it has an aluminum baron retainer and has kind of a rusty reverse lights which go to next picture and shows a picture of the gear train and this looks like a really nice used cummins ISX gear train seems to have good engagement chief on the main drive the main drive actually looks new but this picture shows a steel bearing retainer over Berenice third gear a nice new second gear and it looks like it kind of used rusty first gear it’s hard to see but that could.

Be some distortion in the picture sin the final picture is a fifth speed set that again shows very good engagement teeth and pretty nice clean gears and actually one of those little stabilizer plates that people of congresspeople of mine so what I’m going to do is-I’m going to take this transmission apart now and see if what I’m actually getting is what was represented in the pitches because for the most part the dadoes not state anywhere that the pitches are not representative of what they’re selling so I cut and pasted the text of the eBay ad so I would not show the eBay sellers.

ID and over here you can see sit says up for bid is a zero mile rebuilt world-class Mustang five-speed transmission and it says that this is a first give e with the following gear ratios first is second fourth one to one and fifth point six eight overdrive the rebuild included a new trim Lackluster second gear upgraded carbon geosynchronous bearings seals and a steel front bearing retainer this t will fit the to Mustang as well as the oldest and later classic Mustang with Windsor based engine a -day-warranty is included now sometimes it’s important to realize.

Environmental-friendly home lighting solar solution. It is especially designed for areas where there are frequent power cuts or areas where electricity is notate all available. Before understand DC solar system, it is very important to understand what is DC or direct current. There are two types of electric current- Alternating current or AC and direct current or DC. An electric power house produces AC. The supply coming from power station to your house is AC.

The appliances at home like TV, fan, light are normally AC. The electricity created by sun and the power stored in battery is DC. You will be surprised to find out that if you install DC power system rather than the AC power used in your house, then you can save around on electricity as compared to AC.Not only this but if you run DC appliances from the battery that you were using to run the AC appliances in your house, then you will get three times more backup from the battery. You don’t believe it? But this is true. To know the benefits of using DC power and disadvantages of using AC power, we will have to understand the waveform.

As we saw,AC means alternating current which means current and voltage keeps changing directions. So the waveform of AC supply in one cycle will alternate from positive to negative. DC means direct current which means current and voltage are flowing in the same direction. The waveform of DC supply never flows in the negative direction which means that DC supply has renewable energy systems Nebraska minimum loses so that DC appliances consume less power as compared to AC appliances. For example. let’s assume that we want to compare a inches DC fan and a inch AC fan. To calculate the power consumption of both these appliances, there is a simple formula.

If we want to calculate the consumption of DC fan, so we will put V as V in the formula because we are getting V DC from the battery and DC fan consumes around . A current. So according to the formula, P=X. = W. Now if we calculate the power consumption of AC fan, we will put the value of V as V because we are getting V from mains and Ac fan consumes around .A current from mains. Then according to the formula.

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