I think it’s thirty gallons but if you’re on a boat they ain’t got no bait well you ain’t on a fishing boat all right now I’m going to go over a couple of things.

We actually use to help catch fish okay not board orientated number one this little reel now I can’t work this myself this is a senator Penn Senator sick so every one grew up fishing with these on a short little old kite rod okay.

Ice pulled it up with like some pound mono or something like that and I used that to pull my teasers my dive a strip dredge teaser and a squid nation flippy-floppy and that’s really great you know a lot of people tie it off to cleat and I do that sometimes to show dredge this is the dredge.

I just keep it right at a boat to those my larstrip tease or dredges you know there looks pretty good you know and and again like I said this coordination and you know I can I can reel it in real easy and I can also use these tees a lot and you’ve seen these in many videos see these tees now we’ll use these tees.

I can put that little rod in here and that’s going to get my teaser out of the white water behind your boat if you pull the teaser you want to get it in that nice clear water that best if you could pull it off your outriggers okay.

But you know this isn’t a sporty with this monster outriggers with all support so you know that doesn’t really work out so great but we use these tees and you’ve seen many times trolling inshore and all that kind of stuff and I can put my kite rod in there and also we put fishing poles in here obviously so I still happen I don’t like to have two rods you know.

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Not all spas are as beautifully constructed as Custom Spas in Denver. Like most things, you want to do your online or in-store research on the brands and models available, compare features, materials, and pricing. There are well-known brands and some smaller competitors all offering a variety of sizes, colors, and designs in portable as well as permanent hot tubs. Whether you’re looking for a tub for your vacation home or your primary residence, it is an investment that will offer relaxation and fun for many years.

Select the spa that suits your main purpose or activity. You may want a small two-person tub for private soaking and de-stressing. Maybe you want to invite family and friends hot tubs for sale to enjoy it with you and need something more substantial. The placement and number of jets can be used for muscle therapy. A particular design may merely look better with your home decor.

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Above-ground portable spas are quite popular because they are easy to install. They should have an exterior that’s low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing. The spa may be constructed of acrylic, fiberglass, wood, or composite. You will need to purchase a cover as well. They need a level area, the right amount of space to accommodate the tub dimensions and a conveniently placed outlet for power.Portable tubs that are placed indoors allow you to use them regardless of weather. Just be sure that the foundation of your home can bear the weight of the tub and water. Check the measurements of the room where it will be located and be sure the flooring surrounding it is water resistant.

Outdoor spas are the easiest to install because there is usually plenty of space in the yard, on the deck or patio. You will need a nearby hose and outlet. Some portable spas are inflatable. The control panel and pump will have an enclosure. Favorite features in tubs today are the scent-diffuser and energy-saving heating systems. Know who to contact if installation doesn’t go smoothly, or something isn’t working correctly. You should also have a manual, but basic questions can also be answered quickly online. Pricing will vary depending on the size and design.

The first custom spas originated in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. They’ve provided the pleasure of being surrounded by warm moving water ever since. Today, they cater to various circumstances, lifestyles and individual requirements.Find a custom spa in Denver. Your new spa may be custom built to fit your specific needs. Think about where your hot tub will be located and if it will be inground or above and portable. Make sure that the area is convenient to access and has the required space. Create an area that provides the right environment with surrounding furniture, artwork, plants or deck material. Narrow down the spas that meet your essential criteria and make your purchase.