Other boy exactly I don’t understand why you didn’t just have the title match at Wrestle Mania anyway and award the champion a new belt Triple You more than anyone knows that the title isn’t just a belt it represents the history of our business it’s physical representation of the blood sweat and tears that have been shed over the years and I bet you tried to convince mystery.

man to let you do Thatcherism and he shot you down am i right mister your man wasn’t exactly receptive to the idea no he said that with the title vacant every superstar in the locker room would be searching for it noon wants to be on a show without a World Championship title and if one of the title contenders did look at that did steal the title well Mr Man thought it wouldn’t be long.

Before he showed up again once he realized that he wasn’t just going Mohave a new one handed to him so Triple What are you saying Bischoffthat I took the title you got some nerve accusing me of stealing the one thing Need more than anything else in netherworld are you arguing for or against whatshisname saying I mean who that Stillness something they don’t need listen to me very carefully taking a belt of golden leather doesn’t make someone champion.